11 January 2012

We Are Ghosts - Broadcasting

Artist: We Are Ghosts
Album: Broadcasting
Genre: Ambient, Post-rock, Electronic
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Israel

01. Drowning With You 15:07
02. Lo 14:05
03. Dusty Spring Fields 04:09
04. Yalda Hee Lifamim Bubba (A Girl Is Sometimes A Doll) 08:44
05. Rollercoaster 06:47
06. Sleepless Again 04:26
07. 1,000,000 Ways 08:15

We Are Ghosts is a spontaneous music project, which brings together musicians to create a one-time adventurous encounter that can not be reconstructed. The Guiding principle is documenting improvisational sessions without rules or genre restrictions, and the emphasis is on listening and responding in real time.

The new album, Broadcasting, recorded in just 4 hrs at "Kol Hacmpus" radio station's studio especially for "Sh'at Hashin" radio program with Assaf Kaplan & Gil Matus & consisted on this musicians: David Peretz, Shany Kedar, Guy Hajaj, Guy Bibi, Roy Regev, Merav Shacham, Noa Magger, Morphlexis, Danny Raveh & Orri Dror.


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