28 January 2012

Canyons of Static - Farewell Shadows

Artist: Canyons of Static
Album: Farewell Shadows
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Oxide Tones
Year: 2012
From : West Bend, WI

01. Take Heart
02. Wake
03. Never Alone Again
04. Veil
05. Drift

Canyons of Static is a band from West Bend, WI, formed in 2005. Featuring husband and wife guitarist Ross Severson and keyboardist Aggie Severson along with bassist Chris Biertzer and drummer Nathan Gaffney. Canyons of Static is an instrumental quartet that blends the distorted
melodies of shoegaze with the intensely emotional aspects of post-rock. With no central songwriter, the music evolves from a collective process of experimentation challenging the boundaries and forms of traditional rock music. They self-released two ep’s in 2006
and their first full-length album, The Disappearance, in 2008. Canyons of Static continues to grow their audience through a dynamic live show. Performances feature homemade abstract films projected onto multiple screens creating a unique experience of sight and sound. Currently Canyons of Static are wrapping up recordings for a new full-length album.


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