17 January 2012

Scraps Of Tape - Resident Flux

Artist: Scraps Of Tape
Album: Resident Flux
Genre: Post-rock
Label: A Tenderversion Recording and Zankyo Record
Year: 2011
From : Sweden

01. Hall Tjeften
02. Flera Meter Kort
03. Wieldless
04. TV Crown
05. Mournlight
06. A Feast Of Snakes
07. The Memory Tricks
08. Revelation Ghost

Scraps Of Tape has always been about creating emotional music filled with playfulness an energy. The harmonies is drawn towards the gloomy and desperate while the melodies creates hope and a feeling of being able to overcome any obstacle and accomplish any goal you have in front of you. All of this is then tied together by a great amount of energy and creativity.
The music is most often referred to as post-rock but if you’re stopping there you are merely scratching on the surface on all of the widely spread musical influences that all together makes up what Scraps Of Tape is all about.


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