20 January 2012

The Gorilla Press - A Natural Thing (Unnatural To Me)

Artist: The Gorilla Press
Album: A Natural Thing (Unnatural To Me)
Genre: Progressive-rock
Label: Night Owl Records
Year: 2011
From : Chicago, IL

1. On Fire, 04:31
2. The Night You Walked With Me, 03:02
3. Everything That Can Be Done, 04:16
4. Kneejerk, 04:58
5. Sunrise, 05:32
6. Whale in the Sea Pt. 1, 02:14
7. Whale in the Sea Pt. 2, 04:39
8. To The Hills, 07:04
9. When I Care, 05:20
10. Possibilities, 03:34

The Gorilla Press is a Chicago, IL indie / experimental / post-rock outfit that has been compared to such artists as Radiohead, Mogwai, and early Foo Fighters. The multi-instrumentalist five-piece typically features Reid Erickson on drums, Brian Pavloff on keyboards, Marc Stranger-Najjar on bass, Kirill Orlov on guitars, and Chris Kang on lead vocals & guitars. Its members can regularly be found switching instruments and contributing to layered vocal harmonies, picking up a melodica or mandolin, or hammering on guitars with a tambourine through layers of delay.

The group came together a piece at a time in Chicago, beginning when new roommates Kang and Stranger-Najjar found common ground in post- and progressive-rock. After cycling in and out several prospective bandmates, the addition of longtime collaborators Erickson and Orlov, as well as the classically-trained but Zappa-inspired keyboardist Pavloff, completed the lineup over the next two years.

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self​-​titled (2008)

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