23 December 2011

Across Waters - More Light Is Never Ending

Artist: Across Waters
Album: More Light Is Never Ending
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Denton

01. More Light Is Never Ending 06:33
02. The Spoken Earth 06:10
03. From Dust and Flesh 06:00
04. The Fall of Man 04:49
05. 40 Days of Rain 07:51
06. All Creation Groans 04:48

Across waters is history in the making. When four not-so-average guys from a small town known as Denton, TX band together to create an amalgamation of progressively styled music, nothing magical or profound happens instantaneously; this takes practice and the work of a Greater Power, if you know what I mean. Indeed it takes four insane, Jesus-loving men: Sterling Archer (guitar), Tyler Burditt (guitar), Leighton Pustejovsky (drums), and Levi Shultz (bass).

It all started with two guys and a dorm room during the fall of 2008. Leighton Pustejovsky and Tyler Burditt began a rampage of jam sessions only to find that their love for music would not cease. A year later after being approached by the rambunctious duo, Sterling Archer made his way into the ongoing embryonic stages of Across Waters. Finally, Levi Shultz, once a fill-in for shows, became the last addition, thereby completing the awkward quartet of talented musicians.



40 Days of Rain (2011)

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