29 January 2012

Yellow6 / Egsun - Worth Wasting Time

Artist: Yellow6 / Egsun
Album: Worth Wasting Time
Genre: Ambient, Post-rock, Cinematic
Label: Somehow Ecstatic Records
Year: 2012

01. Yellow6 - Concorde 12:56
02. Yellow6 - The Start Of Our Decline 07:08
03. Egsun - 38 Grey Days 04:16
04. Egsun - Aliska In Wonderland 06:07
05. Egsun - Long Soak 04:57
06. Egsun - The Ocean Near You 06:02
07. Egsun - Abracadabra 04:07

Here’s a CD in a brown recycled cardboard package so you probably know what it sounds like as everything in brown recycled cardboard packages sounds either pastoral or droney right? This one ain’t a collaboration. It’s a split CD with 2 tracks by the 6meister who is travelling a darker doomier path than usual but it still has his instantly recognisable trademark guitar musings there to keep you grounded. Egsun is a name I’ve not heard for years but they make a lovely neoclassical racket. Strings and dare I say more twinkles! It’s very maudlin sounding (in fact the whole CD is) so if you’re after some party music you’d better stop reading now! It’s a lovely sounding CD with the Egsun tracks being my favourite on this particular release. more...


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