21 January 2013

Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November

Artist: Our Ceasing Voice
Album: That Day Last November
Genre: Ambient, Post-rock
Label: Revolvermann Records | Truelove Entertainment | Frontal Noize
Year: 2013
From : Innsbruck / Wien

01. Afterglow 04:08
02. Our Ceasing Voice & Matthew Ryan - Until Your Chest Explodes 05:23
03. One Of These Nights 05:38
04. What Used To Be A Battle Song 04:36
05. Our Ceasing Voice & Matthew Ryan - The Anniversary 04:40
06. The City That Once Had A Name 06:28
07. Jaded 04:09
08. Like Wildfire 05:03

Through their music and lyrics the Austrian band, founded in 2006, is telling the story of the passage of time, that's supposed to heal all wounds, of the things in life one can't escape. And their new album will make sure sure you won't be able to escape your memory. Of everything that happened on that day last November.

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