19 January 2012

One Lick Less - & we could be quiet

Artist: One Lick Less
Album: & we could be quiet
Genre: Post-rock, Math-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : France

1. Alameda 04:09
2. Fuzzy Rats 04:25
3. Jail Unite Love 05:18
4. Wee Nasty 03:40
5. Mechanic Fever 06:15
6. Vastly Phial 04:38

One Lick Less began as Julien Bancilhon's solo act, before being joined by Basile Ferriot on drums in 2010. Strongly rooted american blues and folk mus, as well as 90's indie rock, the duo's sophisticated compositions navigates between intimate ballads and full-rocking repetitive riffs, with sometimes bits of free improvisation. Their first mini-LP, "& we could be quiet", was self-released in 2011.

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