4 January 2012

The Atomic Bomb Audition - How to Dismantle a U2

Artist: The Atomic Bomb Audition
Album: How to Dismantle a U2
Genre: Psychedelic
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Oakland

01. Plainsong
02. Time Lapse (for Carly)
03. Three Sevens (for Joyce)
04. Laura's Theme
05. Ra'ad: Traced Upon the Sky
06. All is Full of Love
07. Echoes

The Atomic Bomb Audition formed in 2004. Compositions began to unfurl heavily influenced by film music, doom metal, and psychedelic textures. Our debut "Eleven Theatres" (2006) was released in conjunction with Hector Stentor Records and received positive reviews for its complex, yet emotional pieces that naturally traversed genre. In 2007, we began writing more elaborate yet thematically cohesive songs. "Light Will Remain" (2008) saw the emergence of these now signature 20' song suites, peaks and valleys of hooky melodies and dramatic build-ups that recall the side-long journeys of vintage Pink Floyd, only with more metallic heft.

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