15 January 2012

Oneirism - Conquering The Waves

Artist: Oneirism
Album: Conquering The Waves
Genre: Post-metal, Experimental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Cambridge, UK

01. Bermuda Chants 05:58
02. Elevate and Sink 05:37
03. In Limbo 05:52
04. Transgression 04:42
05. L.S.D (Love Sawn Disasters) 05:05
06. Between Two Worlds 05:26
07. Building Walls 05:48

Oneirism is an experimental project that merges elements of progressive rock, sludge and metal. Their strong guitar leads and solid rhythm section allow for aggression to fuse with melody and the dramatic undertones of synths and keyboards. Their lack of vocals gives way to their multi-layered tracks where one has to pay attention to distinguish the various underlining riffs. Unlike so many other bands of the genre they can control the flow of their songs without overdrawing and abusing the length.

The band is a combination of Cypriot musicians that are considered veterans in their respective scenes. Their base of operation however shifts from Cambridge and Bristol, England, to Toronto, Canada. It is worth mentioning that the clarity of their production is rare among musicians who opt to record, produce and master their own music using nothing but their own equipment.


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