28 February 2012

Windsor Airlift - The Meadow

Artist: Windsor Airlift
Album: The Meadow
Genre: Minimalist, Shoegaze,Acoustic
Label: Ocean Avenue
Year: 2012
From : Iowa & Texas

01. The Sunrise
02. Caterpillar Voyage
03. The Meadow
04. Summer Birds Sing
05. The Soaring Grasshopper
06. Trees Keep Still
07. Green Skies
08. The Colors Change
09. Snowfall
10. Covered Landscapes
11. Spring
12. The Butterfly Arrival
13. Farewell

Windsor Airlift formed in the fall of 2002. Influenced by bands such as Philmore, Ace Troubleshooter, and Relient K, WA was classified as pop punk. They released "The Basement EP" in April 2003, while Tony and Adam were finishing their sophomore year of high school and Andy was still in junior high. From April through the summer, they played several strings of shows including Sunshine festival, Bethel Church, Crop Walk, Brick & Amp, Tim Nustad's basement, and Ironwood Springs.

2011 has been a year of writing. Lots of ideas have been intricately polished over the year, constantly demoing tracks in Andy's home studio. Windsor Airlift's new album "The Meadow" is near its completion and is set to release in January of 2012. We so excited.


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