24 January 2012

Cicada-晨霧 Drowning in the Fog of Yours

Artist: Cicada
Album: Pieces
Genre: Piano, Neo-classical
Label: 小白兔唱片(White Wabbit Records)
Year: 2011
From : Taiwan

Taiwanese female fronted chamber ensemble Cicada is led by the composer/pianist Jesy Chiang with members including Anne (violin), Wan-Ing (cello), and Bambi (guitar). They released the acclaimed EP "Over the Sea/Under the Water" following the debut performance as the opening act for Ólafur Arnalds' concert in Taipei in 2010,.

While citing Rachel's and Hauschka as influences, Cicada interwove the subtle sensitivity and delicacy to the composition. Its mixture of contemporary classical music and vague oriental feel is fresh sonic experience to listeners. As a sequel of the EP, the release Pieces adds tracks with warmth and clarity to tell a story about one's introspection and the growth of the mindset

Cicada is also known for its connection with artists in various areas. Each release features stunning cover art by rising female artists in Taiwan. The upcoming performance in Oct. 2011 will be a blend of music, dance and theater. This highly anticipated performance will be an striking collaboration of Taiwanese young/cutting edge artists.


樂團的核心人物是江致潔,自幼學習鋼琴,對藝術創作有很高的熱忱。2011年,Cicada 的第一場公開演出,是為冰島鋼琴作曲家 Ólafur Arnalds 台北演唱會開場。2012年推出首張正式專輯《散落的時光》,創作概念延伸自2011年的EP《Over the Sea / Under the Water》中的最後三首告別系列,敘述的是一段回顧過往時光的自省過程,同時,Cicada也正籌劃一場結合舞蹈、劇場的演出,將於2011/10/21(五)在The Wall舉行。


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