13 July 2012

The Candlepark Stars - Take Care and Safe Home

Artist: The Candlepark Stars
Album: Take Care and Safe Home
Genre: Post-rock, Cinematique, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Los Angeles, USA

01. Take Care and Safe Home 05:04
02. Glory Days 02:45
03. Glory Days (Piano Only) 02:49
04. The Homecoming Dance 02:31
05. Prom King 02:08
06. We Are All Stars 08:35
07. You Are Gold 09:50
08. Til the Stars Burn Out 05:09
09. We Found Love 08:30
10. You Are Gold (Cinematic Joy Mix) 09:46
11. Best Day of My Life 03:34

This album picks up where "We Give and We Get" left off. To me it feels like the last album of a 3-album arc that began with "All the Little Things" then continued with "We Give and We Get" and now, with "Take Care and Safe Home," finishes. A couple of the songs near the end of the album are surprisingly upbeat! This doesn't signal a new direction for The Candlepark Stars: those are just nice surprises to be found along the way.

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2 July 2012

Spheruleus - Cyanometry

Artist: Spheruleus
Album: Cyanometry
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze, Neo-Classical
Label: Tessellate Recordings
Year: 2012
From : UK

01. Blue Cast 03:33
02. Sky's The Limit 05:05
03. Blueprints 05:04
04. Horizon 05:16
05. Inhibition 03:55
06. Scattered Light 04:06
07. Suspended Particles 03:33
08. Lined With Silver 05:30
09. White 04:17
10. A Grey End To A Blue Day 09:02

For those new to the Spheruleus sound, Lincolnshire (UK) based artist Harry Towell has been releasing experimental material since 2008 on labels such as Hibernate, Under The Spire, Time Released Sound and most recently a collaboration with Ekca Liena on Home Normal. When he is not manipulating frequencies whether acoustic or otherwise, Harry spends his spare time curating netlabel Audio Gourmet and now its new sister label Tessellate Recordings.

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