20 January 2012

Bear Baiting - Bear Baiting (EP)

Artist: Bear Baiting
Album: Bear Baiting (EP)
Genre: Post-metal
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Los Angeles, CA

01. The Contrarian 02:21
02. Phrenetic 04:16
03. Allegory of the Cave 02:03
04. Giants! 03:14
05. Interlude 01:12
06. The Overlook 03:04

Bear Baiting is the brainchild of bassists Matt Boylan (Cuneiform) and Dennis Valles (Helen 55). The two met at a mutual friend's show and discussed a 2 bass project. Shortly after, the two got together and started writing material. Valles decided to program all the drums, and take a more DIY approach, tracking and mixing everything. We're proud of our experiment, and hope you enjoy as well.

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