25 February 2013

Martian Love - Tales Of The Red Planet

Artist: Martian Love
Album: Tales Of The Red Planet
Genre: Post-rock, Space-rock, Instrumental, Electronic
Label: A Hidden Plate Records, Phantom Records
Year: 2013
From : Minsk

01. Fourth from the Sun 04:00
02. Apparent Magnitude 04:27
03. Mariner 4 05:08
04. An Ocean Between Us 03:46
05. Elysium Planitia 05:55
06. Aphelion 04:10
07. Valles Marineris 04:26
08. Face of Cydonia 05:28
09. Behind the Stars 04:22
10. Theme Of The Universe 04:11

Born in 2009 Martian Love began its path with wonderful mixture of beautiful distant melodies, melancholic mood and prominent instrumental only tracks. Acting like downtempo, triphop project from the first album Epilogue and its successful sequel Post Afternoon.Drama.Postcards with now classical hit Theme of The Streets, Martian Love hit the universe with a brand new long awaited album called Tales Of The Red Planet. New album is a new space journey to the planet where all martian love was born.Nowadays the unique sound of Martian Love is сompleted with emotions of postrock, classical space rock and all the best what downtempo music can be.Out in 15.02.2013

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Oak - Not Afraid Anymore

Artist: Oak
Album: Not Afraid Anymore
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Strasbourg, France

01. Time is my worst enemy 06:05
02. ER, 2am 10:27
03. Things are getting bad 05:58
04. So tired of this sickness... 08:32
05. has to end soon. 10:13

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14 February 2013

Deviante - Voronia

Artist: Deviante
Album: Voronia
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Sacramento Records
Year: 2013
From : Spain

1.Timaeus et Critias 08:54
2.Gagra 07:33
3.Kubishev 06:56
4.Obelos a Caron 09:16
5.El Hades 10:32
6.Atlantis 06:57

Deviante Post-Rock/Instrumental is a band formed in mid 2011 Sevilla, Spain. Born in January 2013 "Voronia", their first album with Sacramento Records.

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Selenites - Animaltar

Artist: Selenites
Album: Animaltar
Genre: Post-metal, Post-rock
Label: Ruin Your Fun, Moment Of Collapse Records, Maximum Douglas
Year: 2013
From : Toulouse, France

01. I am the one 10:05
02. Tuée par la dernière... 06:01
03. Du lebst 05:57
04. A landscape called hope 07:43
05. And mirage 09:28
06. Ich hasse 02:02
07. Des pluies de griffes 03:46
08. Who can live forever 10:37

SELENITES is a band from Toulouse in the south of France. After touring in France, Belgium and Germany they finally got to record their second album in February 2011. It will be released by the end of 2011 by Ruin Your Fun, Maximum Douglas Records and Moment of Collapse Records.

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Light Bearer - Silver Tongue

Artist: Light Bearer
Album: Silver Tongue
Genre: Post-metal
Label: Halo of Flies/Alerta Antifascista/Moment of Collapse
Year: 2013
From : London, UK

1.Beautiful Is This Burden 18:15
2.Amalgam 11:10
3.Matriarch 11:08
4.Clarus 02:36
5.Aggressor & Usurper 16:49
6.Silver Tongue 19:40

Light Bearer formed in 2010 in London, United Kingdom, the band is an all encompassing DIY art, music and narrative project. Dramatic, heavy atmospheric post rock, doom and drone against allegories of atheism, feminism and free thought ideology.

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8 February 2013

Coma Cloud - Coma Cloud EP

Artist: Coma Cloud
Album: Coma Cloud EP
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : United Kingdom

01. Planets 03:44
02. New York Fireworks 02:50
03. Dagu 04:52
04. Heading Home 03:13
05. Star 03:55

Loud and Beautiful, two words that are genuinely breeds an epic noise, Coma Cloud has succeed on combining those two words.
It's free download on their bandcamp site. Enjoy!

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Two Sunrises - Erase Everything

Artist: Two Sunrises
Album: Erase Everything
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Michigan

01. I'd rather my lungs than in my eyes (free) 07:57
02. What have they told you about atmospheric pressure? (free) 08:21

Free download album from Michigan postrock band, Two Sunrises. Enjoy!

Free download | Facebook - The Glass/Nails EP

Album: The Glass/Nails EP
Genre: Post-rock, Post-metal
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Athens, Greece

01. Raindrops And Oceans 07:37
02. Alterecho 06:29
03. Blue 88 (free) 06:53
04. A Stain Of Ink - Part I 03:03
05. A Stain Of Ink - Part II 05:50
06. A Stain Of Ink - Part III 03:02 is a five-piece hailing from Athens, Greece. They were completely formed in October 2010 and have since been working on original material, with influences spanning from instrumental rock to new wave guitar driven music and ambient soundscapes. Their debut release, "The Glass/Nails EP" is now available for online streaming.

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5 February 2013

Arroway - We're Too Small

Artist: Arroway
Album: We're Too Small
Genre: Postrock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Paris, France

01. Is This Now? 06:48
02. I Run Faster Than You 04:12
03. Oh! The Humanity! 05:36
04. Something With Sky 05:36

Arroway is a post-rock band located in Paris, France.

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