29 June 2012

65daysofstatic - The Last Dance [EP]

Artist: 65daysofstatic
Album: The Last Dance [EP]
Genre: Post-rock, Electronic
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : UK

01. Crash Tactics
02. PX3
03. Come to Me
04. Burial Scene
05. Space Theme
06. Retreat! Retreat! (live from Radio City Music Hall)
07. Tiger Girl

We’ve got quite a concise festival season this year, since we’re busy in our 65 bunker, slowly but surely succumbing to agoraphobia and going deaf. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to be creeping up those bills, headlining a few festivals and making our debuts in countries we’ve been trying to get to for years now. To celebrate this, we’re giving away a free e.p – The Last Dance – that’s got a selection of tracks from our past few records. It’s nothing that you can’t find on the torrentz in about 30 seconds, but it’s got new artwork and it flows sensibly from start to finish like an iTunes shuffle doesn’t. It’s entirely possible, if you’re reading... more..

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Trachimbrod - A Collection Of Hidden Sketches

Artist: Trachimbrod
Album: A Collection Of Hidden Sketches
Genre: Post-rock, Screamo
Label: Tokyo Jupiter Records (Japan), Trulove Entertainment (Germany), Sad Songs Records (Russia), Against it Records (Germany)
Year: 2012
From : Stockholm/Jonkoping

01. Us Without Self Control (4:50)
02. Salvation (4:21)
03. Through Walls, Floors And More (6:39)
04. Mediocrity (2:56)
05. Lost In Direction With A Dead Eye (3:49)
06. No More Peaceful Mind (1:46)
07. Don't Trust Experts (4:36)
08. Growth (1:44)
09. Rescue Me From Silence (9:53)

Trachimbrod is a Swedish postrock/screamo.

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Hollow Branches - Okanagana Waves

Artist: Hollow Branches
Album: Okanagana Waves
Genre: Post-rock
Label: strixrecords
Year: 2012
From : Portland

01. Rumor The Past (5:30)
02. Habitual (4:35)
03. Pareidolia (4:26)
04. Weave The Architect (5:18)
05. Travelers (5:14)
06. Okanagana Waves (7:27)
07. Afterward (6:56)

Musically, “Okanagana Waves” takes influence from progressive rock, dark ambient, and neo-folk, while exploring themes as diverse as anxiety, skepticism, and the indifferent beauty of nature.

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Handwrist - All flesh is grass and all its grace is as the flower of the field

Artist: Handwrist
Album: All flesh is grass and all its grace is as the flower of the field
Genre: Post-metal, Post-rock
Label: Kosherful Zion
Year: 2012
From : Lisbon, Portugal

01. Sailing Stones 09:58
02. Foxfire 07:18
03. Desert Storm 07:46
04. Red Tide 10:59
05. Flesh 06:31
06. Maelstrom 09:27
07. Sundog 08:13
08. The Tree Of Knowledge 12:27

Handwrist is a Post-Rock band from Lisbon, Portugal. The sound of Handwrist is a mixture of post and progressive rock and metal, featuring both calm down-tempo passages and harsh up-tempo music, as well as clean and growled vocals.

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24 June 2012

Sky Architects - The Promise of Tomorrow

Artist: Sky Architects
Album: The Promise of Tomorrow
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Aarhus, Denmark

01. The Promise 02:07
02. Fade Out 07:02
03. We'll Never Forget This 05:36
04. All Free Must Fly 03:46
05. Waves of Light 05:51
06. The Dark Wave 04:39
07. Breach These Walls 05:13
08. Ignite 04:22
09. Endzeit 05:21
10. Procession of Hearts 05:25

In simple words, Sky Architects is four guys who are in love with music, have set out to create sounds that inspire them and are fun to make. These sounds tend to be quite EPIC!

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Low-pass - Trimurti

Artist: Low-pass
Album: Trimurti
Genre: Math-rock, Instrumental
Label: Keepittogethertherecord
Year: 2012
From : Japan

01. AR 04:10
02. Reconstruct 05:12
03. Nitro 03:14
04. Fog 04:54
05. Glide 03:06
06. Δ 03:48
07. Landscape 04:07
08. Days Over 04:06

Low-pass is a math-rock band from Japan.

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When Clouds Collide - We're Just Making Sound

Artist: When Clouds Collide
Album: We're Just Making Sound
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Oxide Tones
Year: 2012
From : New Jersey

01. Cellar Door 03:05
02. Hibernation 03:36
03. Edge of Infinity 07:50
04. Oh, Boy 04:24
05. Sunsets and Regrets 05:12
06. No Bean, No 04:15
07. Black Birch 05:03
08. My Tears Break The Mirror 04:12
09. San Miguel 03:46
10. In The Wake Of Collision 05:56

When Clouds Collide is a post-rock duo from New Jersey comprised of Matt O’Connor and Michael Coyle. Their debut LP – entitled We’re Just Making Sound – was completely self-produced. Both members wrote, recorded, and produced the album with the exception for a few parts written and recorded by Russ Frank and Ryan Lederer. Their influences range among several genres and include bands such as Minus the Bear, This Will Destroy You, Cloudkicker, and many more. Their sound can be described by the quote, “…they avoid self-indulgent interludes and solos – and their songs possess propulsion. In a concert hall, the reverberations would likely fill the room, drowning out conversation and evoking the euphoria of layered instrumentation."

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21 June 2012

TOE - The Future Is Now EP

Artist: TOE
Album: The Future Is Now EP
Genre: Math-rock, Post-rock, Instrumental
Label: Machupicchu Industrias (World), White Noise Records (Asia)
Year: 2012
From : Japan

01. Run For Word
02. 月、欠け feat.ACO
03. Ordinary Days
04. The Future Is Now

toe is a Japanese music group. While mentioned in many post-rock circles, their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists.
toe is composed of Kashikura Takashi on drums, Mino Takaaki on guitar, Yamane Satoshi on bass guitar, and Yamazaki Hirokazu on guitar. Toe has formally played with this line-up since the band’s inception in 2000. They are currently one of three bands on the indie label Machu Picchu, along with the band mouse on the keys and Enemies.

The vast majority of the music is instrumental and features the swift and acute drumming of Takashi. The band is also known for its melodic, clean guitar settings. Additionally, the compositions have repetition from typical rock motifs, but use very subtle changes in beat and rhythm to form a unique sound. The band has changed their sound over their musical tenure by incorporating acoustic guitars, rhodes piano, and vibraphones in their most recent releases.

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Collapse Under The Empire – Dragonfly

In order to shorten the waiting time on the coming album “Fragments of a Prayer”, that will be available in record stores everywhere in Fall 2012, Collapse Under The Empire present a new composition to all their fans for free. The track won’t be found on any of their albums. In exchange for an E-mail address, the song can be downloaded for free till July 7th!

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The Day After The Last Crime - Demo EP

Artist: The Day After The Last Crime
Album: Demo EP
Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Munich

01. Falcon In The Gloomy Sky 07:01
02. Destroying Everything Seems Like The Best Option 08:19
03. The Last Days (Summer Epic Part 2) 05:52

The Day After The Last Crime is instrumental Post-Rock from Munich.

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19 June 2012

Eversham - Eversham

Artist: Eversham
Album: Eversham
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Canberra, Australia

01. Barricade 06:45
02. Symmetry 06:24
03. Of Southern Skies 04:32
04. Trees Don't Grow in Old Dead Countries 05:26
05. Melancholia 05:30
06. Immortal Lies in Mortal Bodies 05:02
07. Spiritual Revolution 05:16
08. The Absolute 09:00

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Hidden by the grapes - If radios spoke with their hearts

Artist: Hidden by the grapes
Album: If radios spoke with their hearts
Genre: Post-rock, Indie-sound, Alternatives
Label: Sooder, Numavi, Pumpkin Records
Year: 2012
From : Graz, Austria

01. some of you will go on 04:27
02. jagged bones 04:45
03. petunia 03:51
04. fairmount city walls 05:12
05. crash test dummies don't have plans for the future 01:30
06. death to all the ladybugs 03:40
07. the new will fade, the old praised forever 03:15
08. in bubbleguns 05:10
09. chalupník 03:30
10. now that it's gone it's ok 06:20

Hidden by the grapes is a trio hailing from graz, austria. the band is known to describe their style as post-everything while others would say they play indie or alternative. their music draws influence from post-punk or post-rock but generally speaking it is very hard to include hidden by the grapes in a specific subgenre. using three voices, a synthesizer and a keyboard originally intended to be played by little children the band definitely does not fit into the typical rock-trio cliché. the debut album “noise-operated jazz” received early praise from critics who found the record “really refreshing”. a 7’’ vinyl disc was later released on their own label “sooder records” as split with the post-rockers lambda. the second full-length album “if radios spoke with their hearts” will be released on june 22, 2012 on the well-known austrian label pumpkin records.

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No Respect for Beauty - Why Perish

Artist: No Respect for Beauty
Album: Why Perish
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Pastel Music
Year: 2012
From : Seoul, South Korea

01. Declaration Of Existence
02. The Walls Between Us
03. Owls On The Ground
04. Summit Collision
05. Uncanny
06. Day Of Departure
07. I Am A Shadow

Last year post-rock band No Respect For Beauty put out a demo that soon became popular among post-rock fans. The trio were selected Hello Rookie for September 2011 and are now signed with Pastel Music. On February 29th No Respect For Beauty will release their first album, Why Perish. With the exception of album opening track “Declaration of Existence” the band can be found on YouTube performing all songs from the album. more...

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17 June 2012

Zombie Western - The Great Migration

Artist: Zombie Western
Album: The Great Migration
Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Waco, TX

01. Our Dreams are Premonitions 00:36
02. Wasteland 06:08
03. A Pilgrim's Departure 06:42
04. Pillar of Fire 04:34
05. Heroes or Ghosts 05:21
06. Without a Tremor 10:06
07.The Great Migration 07:18

The aptly named Zombie Western is a four piece instrumental post-rock band based in Waco, TX. The band's influences are clearly apparent in their music, their name, and the intensity of their performances. The careful blending of the dramatic elements of film with the subtlety of layered instrumentation come together to create their textured sound. Formed in 2009, Zombie Western was originally a three man operation composed of Jarrod (bass), Aaron (guitar), and Mikey (drums). They began practicing and writing material that would become their first record, "The End...And the aftermath." The album was released in 2010, and was met with positive reviews. However, it became apparent to the band that in order to effectively replicate the atmospheric depth the band was striving to achieve in a live setting, they would need to add a second guitarist. One year and a few guitarists later, the band found Daniel just as they began work on their second album. "The Great Migration" is due to be released on February 21st, 2012. Zombie Western's sophomore album showcases a new maturity in both production and song writing, The simple complexity of their music encourages the listener to have a unique interaction with each listen.

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15 June 2012

Nomeolvides - .​.​.​y el cielo te espera

Artist: Nomeolvides
Album: .​.​.​y el cielo te espera
Genre: Post-rock,Experimental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : San Cristóbal, Táchira

01. crimen 04:45
02. clivus 05:25
03. putumayo 03:32
04. infinito 04:39
05. algo falta 03:55
06. ...y el cielo te espera 04:54
07. clivus (en vivo @ rock crepuscular) 05:03
08. putumayo (en vivo @ Rock Crepuscular) 03:19
09. crimen (en vivo @ Rock Crepuscular) 04:36

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Syberia - Syberia EP

Artist: Syberia
Album: Syberia EP
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Barcelona, Spain

01. Renaissance 06:36
02. The Day After the End of the World 04:03

Someone said that coldest Siberian zone comes from turkish 'sleep land'. So, the instrumental rock of these guys sounds with warmth and strenght in equal parts within dreamy passages transports you to somewhere you don't believe with. Launching songs from their upcoming 1st full-lenght and their 1st EP (available on bandcamp), they point up with a modest project direct to your senses.

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Gates - You Are All You Have Left To Fear

Artist: Gates
Album: You Are All You Have Left To Fear
Genre: Post-rock, Progressive
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : New Brunswick, NJ

01. They See Only Shadows 05:47
02. Like This You Mean 03:50
03. Cast in the Pattern 03:45
04. To Those Who Fell... 01:41
05. ...And To Those Who Carry On 04:13
06. The Sound of Letting Go 04:04

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12 June 2012

Cerb / Kyasuri (Split EP)

Artist: Cerb / Kyasuri
Album: (Split EP)
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Cerb Records
Year: 2012
From : Gent, Belgium

01. The Darkness That Wears Your Face 07:03
02. Dry Eyes Dry Times 05:58
03. A Shrine For Friends Like Cotton 04:26
04. Chinks In The Armor Of The Heart 07:35
05. Beijing Fury 03:56
06. On The Outside Fading In 06:24
07. A Map To Northern Sleep 03:18
08. El Mariposear Del Alma 06:08
09. Forever 03:36

Cerb is the combination of an intense passion for music, and the drive to create moody soundscapes with interweaving layers of guitars and synths, propelled by a steady beat and warm bass. Just like how a day on the beach should sound.

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The End Of The Ocean - In Excelsis

Artist: The End Of The Ocean
Album: In Excelsis
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Futurerecordings
Year: 2012
From : Columbus, Ohio

01. On Floating
02. Star-Crossed
03. Like Honey from the Branch
04. All That Is Will Cease

The End Of The Ocean is an instrumental post-rock band based out of Columbus Ohio.

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9 June 2012

Sky Burial - Where Four Rivers Flow

Artist: Sky Burial
Album: Where Four Rivers Flow
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Anti Corporate Records, Replenish Records
Year: 2012
From : Nashville

01. Axis Of The World 05:41
02. The Road Marked By Portents 05:55
03. Quietly 08:50
04. From Out Of Obscured Light 10:27
05. The Last Thing You Lay Down 08:46

Sky Burial is a four piece post-metal band from Nashville, TN.

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Labirinto - Kadjwynh

Artist: Labirinto
Album: Kadjwynh
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Dissenso Records
Year: 2012
From : São Paulo, Brazil

01. Non Sunt Daemones 01:27
02. Tuira 04:33
03. Piam Ket 04:50
04. Cairo 10:03

Formed in mid-2003, by friends who sought to materialize their various musical and personal influences through instrumental composition, Labirinto seeks to create textures and environments full of imagery, as in a movie soundtrack, in which the scenes are on account of the listener’s imagination.

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Tiny Leaves - Get Yourself Up On A High Mountain

Artist: Tiny Leaves
Album: Get Yourself Up On A High Mountain
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : UK

01. Untitled 1 03:38
02. A Moment To Dream 05:49
03. An End (free) 01:48

Tiny Leaves is the music of multi-instrumentalist Joel Nathaniel Pike. He has developed his sound as a solo artist alongside years of writing and performing in bands. He describes his music as being rooted in narrative, but is often surprised at the undefinable end result. His music has a delicate, cinematic quality that brings a quiet hope.

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8 June 2012

The Wind-up Robots Killed My Cat - Whiskers & Guts

Artist: The Wind-up Robots Killed My Cat
Album: Whiskers & Guts
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Miyagi-schallplatten
Year: 2012
From : Würzburg, Germany

01. Images Of Broken Light 04:59
02. Did He Pass The Acid Test 06:07
03. At Least Nothing Changed 01:30
04. Everyone Is A Little Universe 01:37
05. Minka 01:45
06. Spectre Of The Gun / Inferno 01:37

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Cakewalk - Wired

Artist: Cakewalk
Album: Wired
Genre: Experimental, Instrumental, Jazz
Label: Hubro Music
Year: 2012
From : Norway

1. Glass 5:53
2. Descent 7:51
3. Soil 3:33
4. Perpetual 5:05
5. Wired 3:07
6. Kammer 5:15

A poetic slice of noise that is both surrealistic and harmonically beautiful, Cakewalk, a Norwegian trio meld their rock influences with European improvisation to create a frenzy and captivating debut, Wired, that is meant to heard loud.
Hailing from a series of bands, Skar, Meidell and Bjornstad make an opening statement with "Glass" and "Descent," two divergent pieces that really lay the groundwork for the session. "Glass" is steady repetition of sounds that is like Steve Reich meeting Slowdive. Peaceful, experimental and introspective but retaining a nice sense of intrigue that keeps the listener on their toes.

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Can't Fake Nature - High / Low Tide

Artist: Can't Fake Nature
Album: High / Low Tide
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Geenger Records
Year: 2012
From : Zagreb, Croatia

01. Under Low Tide 07:23
02. Grinning High Tide 07:10
03. Waves For The Psychonauts 06:49
04. Chant For The Narwhals 07:33

Can't Fake Nature is a rather new band from Zagreb, Croatia, which quickly caught the interest of music lovers with their approach to atmospherical, instrumental soundscapes. Newest EP by Can't Fake Nature, named "High / Low Tide" and released on Geenger Records, is the continuation of their ideas, which they like to call "documentary ambient music for the animals". Each fan of Mogwai, Neurosis, Isis, Earth and similar bands will find something enchanting within these four beautiful songs.

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6 June 2012

Josh Varnedore - Sun Chapter

Artist: Josh Varnedore
Album: Sun Chapter
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Shoegaze
Label: Dynamophone Records
Year: 2012
From : Hot Springs, AR

01. Earth 05:32
02. 186,000 Endings per Second 06:28
03. Arkansas 04:30
04. Vertabrae 06:08
05. Seachild 03:45
06. Novaculite Tree Carvers 05:33
07. Sunhoney 06:05
08. Golden (breathing is easy) 05:24
09. Clouds 04:00

Joshua Varnedore has epic dreams. Dreams where massive, brilliant things happen. Grand vibrant landscapes and impossibilities and long lost people. And in his waking life, serendipity follows him around- chance meetings, repeating numbers. But instead of being investigated by Scully and Muller, he records an ongoing soundtrack to all of these events almost effortlessly. Utilizing whatever he can get his hands on- from VSS-30 to guitar, glock to voice – he manages to paint such rich soundscapes, its nearly impossible to not feel transformed after hearing them. We are all filters to what we experience, and Josh is no exception: his inspiration is evident coming from his friends, Hammock and Jonsi and Alex, nodding to the organic, expansive and otherworldly nature of their music. Ultimately, his music is, without a doubt, moving yet strangely familiar.

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Múm - Early Birds

Artist: Múm
Album: Early Birds
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Label: Morr Music
Year: 2012
From : Iceland

01. Bak þitt Er Sem Rennibraut
02. Póst Póstmaður
03. Gingúrt
04. Glerbrot (Previously Lost)
05. Hvernig Á Að Særa Vini Sína (Previously Unreleased)
06. Bak þitt Er Sem Rennibraut (Bústadavegurer Fáviti Megamix Eftir Músíkvat)
07. Insert Coin (Bjarne Riis Arcade Game Mjiks Eftir Múm)
08. Loksins Erum Við Engin (Natturuoperan Song)
09. Náttúrúbúrú
10. 0,000Orð
11. Lalalala Blái Hnötturinn
12. Múm Spilar La La La
13. Hufeland
14. Volkspark Friedrichshain (Previously Forgotten)
15. Enginn Vildi Hlusta Á Fiðlunginn, því Strengir Hans Vóru Slitnir (Getiði Ekki Verið Góð Við Nömmu Okkar)

múm are an Icelandic pop band with euphonic, yet tumultuous leanings, mixing sound with music and vice versa. The group has taken many forms and shapes since it started in 1997 and rarely cease to surprise and confuse.

Early Birds ends with a contemplative piece that’s 10 minutes long and comprised of field recordings, harmonica, accordion, and lots of room for reverb (you could almost call it Dub). In this case the song title pretty much translates to “No one was listening to the fiddler, because the fiddle-strings were broken (why can’t you be good to your mother?)”. This final track ultimately became the “Ballad Of The Broken String” on múm’s debut album “Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK” (2001), though this early version is indeed quite different. When the debut dropped, múm had found their sound. The rest is history: The band was hailed as a key exponent of “Electronica”, and with every release they sounded more and more unique and complete – only to become what might be Iceland’s most original band today. Early Birds showcases the formative years and perfectly illustrates this evolution, though at the same time it shows that things could’ve turned out quite differently. Plus, it also proves one other thing: Yesterday was OK, too. The compilation album comes with nostalgic artwork by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir who experienced the early days of múm first hand. Both the LP and CD version include a booklet that explains how each of the 15 (mostly instrumental) tracks came about.

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5 June 2012

Year Of No Light - Nord (Deluxe Edition)

Artist: Year Of No Light
Album: Nord (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Post-rock, Post-metal, drone
Label: Crucial Blast / Conspiracy / Music Fear Satan
Year: 2012
From : Bordeaux

01. Sélénite
02. L'Angoisse Du Veilleur De Nuit D'Autoroute Les Soirs D'Alarme À Accident
03. Traversée
04. Librium
05. Les Mains De L'Empereur
06. Tu As Fait De Moi Un Homme Meilleur
07. Somnambule
08. Prosodia
09. Par Économie Pendant La Crise On Éteint La Lumière Au Bout Du Tunnel
10. La Bouche De Vitus Bering
11. Cimmeria
12. Le Rire Mauvais Des Enfants Sages
13. Metanoia
14. Ils Te Feront Payer Tes Crimes En Monnaie De Cauchemar
15. Adoration
16. Qu'Importe Qu'Ils Me Haïssent, Pourvu Qu'Ils Me Craignent
17. Disorder [Joy Divison cover]
18. Les Mains De Nadja
19. Ils Avaient Des Visages D'anges Et Des Fusils Automatiques
20. The Golden Horn Of The Moon (Studio Version)
21. The Figurehead [The Cure cover]

Year Of No Light formed in 2001 in Bordeaux (Fr). With their first album, Nord, YONL have proven adept a shifting seamlessly between genres, balancing post-rock, sludge, somber psychedelics and crushing dark shoegaze. In 2010, now backed by two drums, 3 guitars, the band released its second album, Ausserwelt, oscillating between drone, doom, post-rock, black metal and progressive music.

To celebrate our tenth birthday, here's the reissue of our first album "Nord", initially released in 2006 on Radar Swarm/Crucial Blast with a bonus CD compiling rare tracks from split records (with ROSETTA and KARYSUN among others), some covers (JOY DIVISION and THE CURE) and old remastered songs from our demo. This reissue really worths to collect all tracks from our first line-up (before our instrumental era begun with "Ausserwelt") with agressive songs and screaming vocals. Six years after its first release, this record is still actual with its post-metal style mixed with a lot of other tunes (sludge, drone, black-metal, etc).

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This Patch of Sky - Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine

Artist: This Patch of Sky
Album: Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine
Genre: Post-rock, Shoegaze
Label: Oxide Tones
Year: 2012
From : Eugene, Oregon

01. A Light In The Attic 05:25
02. How He Loves // To Sink A Ship 05:16
03. Newly Risen, How Brightly You shine 06:21
04. Cities Beneath 04:35
05. With Morning Comes Hope 09:00

Hailing from Oregon, This Patch of Sky enjoys Post Rock, but makes music that can’t be defined that closely. Being up front, in-your-face and generally heavier than the normal PR bands, the band formed out of a love for exploring new musical depths without the need of adding a vocalist. Although still a newer band, their fan base continues to grow on a daily basis, both in the USA and nationally.

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4 June 2012

Hannibal Montana - Martial Arts in the Time of Firearms

Artist: Hannibal Montana
Album: Martial Arts in the Time of Firearms
Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental, Math-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Ossining, NY

01. Martial Arts in the Time of Firearms 05:43
02. Bring Your Own Booyah 07:38
03. The Hatchback of Notre Dame 07:17
04. August 20th, 1876 06:47
05. Deathbag (free) 04:42
06. Sleeping Abe Lincoln, the Only Shark in the Jungle 08:29

Hannibal Montana is a Post-Rock trio of multi-instrumentalists from New York.

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