4 January 2012

Indonesian Post Rock - Hope and Dreams

Artist: Indonesian Post Rock (Various Artists)
Album: Hope and Dreams
Genre: Post-rock, Indie, Dream Pop, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Indonesia

01. Asphoria - Living In A World Of Atrocity
02. Watch the clouds - nope
03. Little Space Donkey - Anumerta
04. Distorsi alam Timur - pray
05. Others - I Life At The Messy World
06. Under the big bright yellow sun - time is near
07. Scenic - Fakeness Around Us
08. My violaine morning - The Downtown Lights
09. Cuacamendung - Realized
10. Sepatu usang - Today is Sunday
11. Angina - Come On, Run!
12. BOW - Welcome

The 1st compilation album based on facebook community of Indonesian post-rock. All bands are from Indonesia, they come from various genre (post-rock, shoegaze, ambient, instrumental etc..). This album is free and available for download.

Free download

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