21 December 2011

More Hope for Japan (Second Album)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Hope for Japan
Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental
Label: Oxide Tones
Year: 2011
From : Earth

9th March 2011 was the start of a bad time for Japan. An earthquake, followed by another 2 days later, set the stone rolling for a series of actions that affected the country in a more intense manner than anything else since World War II. The people behind “Hope for Japan” don’t want to initiate a debate on nuclear power, global warming, or other individual aspects of what caused Japans’ pain, the classic media and news channels have covered that from every possible perspective, we want to help.
We are not calling out people to start sending their hard earned money to Japan, although of course you’re more than welcome to do so, we want to make an offer. Across the world, people participate in hobbies and activities because they want to. You’ll often hear people talk about their passion. Everyone behind “Hope for Japan” and the pending “More Hope for Japan” has a passion for music – from musicians, to labels, to artists and even a pressing company. It’s disasters like Japan’s that make us think, that force us in to introspection. As such, a group of people decided to help with what they do best:
Music. And that’s what we offer.

6 months later...

Japan has largely disappeared from the media. Coping with their losses and (still) trying to salvage as much as possible from the area surrounding Fukushima, the Japanese folk are coping as best they can.
The death toll has reached the 20,000 mark. Considering that multiple earthquakes affected the country, as well as the resulting disaster at the nuclear power plant, that may not seem high, however there is not yet an accurate estimate on long term victims. Think about that for a second: It has not yet been possible to evaluate long term victims.
Thus we provide the second album, titled “More Hope for Japan”. The album is available as a digital download as well as a limited edition double CD in a jewel case packaging. Only 100 will be printed, and each will be numbered.

01. Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud - Rain Of Ashes
02. Anoice – Drops
03. The Toy Library - Fallen Down
04. Will Samson - Music For Autumn
05. Woodworkings - Minemaru
06. Yuki Murata - Squall
07. Absent Without Leave - When Snow Falls
08. Closure - Outside Of August
09. Antonymes - Delicate Power
10. Dead Flies The Crow - Temporal Displacements
11. Umber - Tempus Immemorial
12. Cobra-Matic - Quiet Harbor
13. Damn Robot! - This Things I Believe (Can We Accept That)
14. Kontakte - Early Evening Bleeds Into Night (Clem Leek Remix)
15. Jordan Miller - Pulse
16. Message To Bears - Autumn (worriedaboutsatan Remix)
17. thisquietarmy - The Battle Of Tohoku
18. Ocean Architecture - Columns Of Time (Hope For Japan Remix)
19. And So I Watch You From Afar - Straight Through The Sun (Live)
20. All Shall Be Well - Something Happened On Our Way Home
21. dane. – The Clouds Exclaimed
22. Labirinto - Cairo
23. My Autumn Empire - Fume And Fern
24. Signal Hill - The Radiator (Ida cover)
25. New Century Classics - Tidal
26. The Ascent Of Everest - Safely Caged In Bone (Alternate Version)
27. Sora Shima - The Korg Is Dead! Long Live The Korg!
28. Zero Bedroom Apartment - Gloomy Bizarre
29. Her Name Is Calla - A Blood Promise (Extended Version)
30. Until Sunrise - Another Nostalgic Moment
31. Tsuru - Letters From Home
32. Overhead, The Albatross - Flubirds
33. Rilf - Anechoic Room (Acoustic Version)
34. The Zonnhaiders Club - Say Something (A.P. Remix)
35. The Shadow Project - Jago
36. Sumner Mckane - South Dakota 1934
37. The Mountaineering Club Orchestra - The Voyage

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For the first album, see here.

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