27 December 2011

Yellow6 - Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011]

Artist: Yellow6
Album: Drifting For The Horizon [merry6mas2011]
Genre: Ambient, Drone
Label: Editions6
Year: 2011
From : Leicestershire

01. long sad #1 08:24
02. long sad #2 05:31
03. Yellow6 - a basis for continuum 09:28
04. Yellow6 - gone 07:43
05. Yellow6 - this is not a cloud 12:38
06. Yellow6 - rodent 06:26
07. Yellow6 - franklin 13:19

Jon Attwood grew up with the tail end of punk and post-punk of the early 80s, playing in a few London punk bands around 81-84 before moving to the suburbs. Following flirtations with goth, folk and Stax/Motown soul during the 90s, Jon Attwood started Yellow6 as a solo guitar project, initially inspired by space/post-rock, electronica and reverb soundscapes.
A debut single in 1998 on Enraptured started a flood of releases over the following decade, and in 2010 is approaching 80 releases on almost as many labels.



orphan songs (2011)

CUT (2010)

STHLM (2009)

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