19 December 2011

laGrandine - Questo è per i tuoi occhi

Artist: laGrandine
Album: Questo è per i tuoi occhi
Genre: Post-rock, Shoegaze
Label: Hanged Man Records
Year: 2011
From : Italy

01. L'uomo Albero
02. iGod 06:54
03. Frammenti 07:05
04. Questo è per i tuoi occhi 08:58
05. Dentro una sveglia rotta 07:04
06. Cut the air 05:18
07. Buster Casey 10:32

laGrandine is an instrumental band, born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Messina area, Sicily, in the autumn of 2007. They find the perfect line up in 2010, with Martina and Ennio playing bass and drum, and Emanuele and Franco, the guitar. They record, print and sell more than 500 copies of "self-titled", a 3 songs Demo album, during their live in south italy.The live set is a patchwork of far melodies that wrap the audience in a "cold" blanket of lights and images. In March 2011 they start working on what will be their debut album. "Questo è per i tuoi occhi" is out on December 2011 for Hanged Man Records label.


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