9 December 2011

Lárus Sigurðsson - Dagur Sundraranna

Artist: Lárus Sigurðsson
Album: Dagur Sundraranna
Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Experimental
Label: Self-released
Year: 2011
From : Reykjavik, Iceland

01. With sharp black wings
02. Darkness covers multitude of sins
03. The instrument of her peace
04. Dagur Sundraranna
05. In my soul i contribute to your death
06. Little Totenkopf
07. KIKI
08. The Mega-Shepherd
09. Lófótur

Larus Sigurdsson: Studied the classical guitar at the College of Music in Iceland. Graduated 1993. Studied musical instrument making at Emerson College U.K. 1998, Art teacher training at the Iceland Academy of the Arts 2005. Art Theory at the University of Iceland 2011. Larus has released 5 albums with ambient, experimental guitar and home made musical instruments.



Höfuð á Sundi


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