29 December 2011

Catzilla - Ethereal

Artist: Catzilla
Album: Ethereal
Genre: Experimental, Electronic, Post-Rock, Ambient
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Saint Petersburg

01. Salik 01:26
02. Vostok 03:01
03. Impulse 02:16
04. Vetus 05:00
05. Hubble 01:17

Catzilla writes music mostly in an experimental and atmospheric vein. Each and every track sounds absolutely different, all the way from 8-bit noise to atmospheric post-rock. Catzilla is for admirers of serious music.

The only member, Gosha Kowalski creates music since 2009. He loves music with unpredictable transitions and unusual polyrhythms. Favourite genre of music - mathcore. But his works isn't confined to one or two genres. He writes music in various musical directions, such as the chiptune, post-rock, IDM and many more. He says that in his music the most important component is the atmosphere of space, dreams and feeling of weightlessness.

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