11 December 2011

One Hour Before The Trip - 5474

Artist: One hour before the trip
From : Athens, Greece

one hour before the trip, a project that features musicians, engineers and visual artists, tries to combine the “indy” - as in independence - mentality and musical approach with the technical self-sufficiency in terms of equipment, facilities and manpower, that members of the project consider a vital prerequisite for the term “independence” to have any essential meaning.

Stefanos Babis, sound engineer. Mihalis Sioutis, sound engineer.
Iordanis Karaisaridis, vj, direction.
Nikos Sarakenidis, light engineer.
Yiannis Yiorgonikos, roadie.
Dimitris Katevas, drumming, percussions, orchestrations.
Vasilis Doulgeridis, electric bass.
Dimitris Melissis, electric guitar.
Nikos Karadosidis, electric guitar, keyboards, looping, orchestrations.


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