22 December 2011

Dawn Chorus Ignites - Take Me With You

Artist: Dawn Chorus Ignites
Album: Take Me With You
Genre: Post Rock, Shoegaze, Experimental
Label: Prima Rosa
Year: 2011
From : Southwest, UK

01. Take Me With You
02. Frozen Skies
03. The Hatch
04. Lights Dispatch
05. Stop... Jump... Glide!

Ben Philcox, Mathieu Cook, James Shepard, Nathan Bawden, J Auborn, Jon Lister, Phil Brousson, Alex Gray, Mark Litchfield, Sam Whitney Morris, Joe Martin, Lewis Wright, Olly Wikes, Matt Bearnard, Simon Mills.

‘Take Me With You‘… A record which has taken the longest to complete, partly due to the patter of two DCI babies, but which the band are most proud of. This is a searing effort which really cuts to the heart of all things good in post-rock and shoegaze.

Ironically more ferocious but somehow more melodic, DCI have really stepped up through the gears in the creation of this record, limited availability in all formats too.


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