24 December 2011

Analecta - Janus Bifrons

Artist: Analecta
Album: Janus Bifrons
Genre: Post-metal
Label: Honest Empire Records
Year: 2011
From : south bend, indiana

01. we set out into the night 04:09
02. trying to map the horizon 06:16
03. there is life here 02:54
04. just don't look down 05:48
05. as the light bends and shifts 03:09
06. the earth shook and the sky turned black 07:46
07. moving to the beat of the unseen 02:46
08. it could have been the greatest escape 12:53
09. the secret lies within 04:45

Analecta is an effort to create artistic, inventive music in the vein of instrumental post-rock and post-metal drawing on the collective minds of Calvin Maloney, Kevin Kingery, and Patrick Quigley. Previous experience in bands like doctor!doctor! and Sleep Patterns have brought members together to push each other to grow musically and professionally as artists. In the more than 30 shows within its first six months of existence, analecta has had the pleasure to play with bands such as Native; Paucity; Koji; If These Trees Could Talk; Mose Giganticus; Listener; Sohns; Deadhorse; The Reptilian; Into it, Over it; and many more very talented local and regional musicians. Analecta invites you to come experience moving, modern music created live with feeling and exploration from the comforts of traditional post-rock to the outer reaches of non-traditional instrumentation, electronics, textures, and sounds.



paulo's mad - demo ep (2010)

trying in vain to save myself from drowning (2010)

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