16 December 2011

The Shadow Project - Rarities and Live Stuff

Artist: The Shadow Project
Album: Rarities and Live Stuff
Genre: Post-rock, Electronic
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : England

01. Being Here (So Confusing)
02. Accept What You Destroy
03. We Found Ourselves...
04. ...And All Is Fine
05. Jago
06. Johnny Swaffam
07. Ric Flair (BBC Introducing Session)
08. Accept What You Destroy (Live 2006)
09. A Beauty To Fight For (Live 2006)
10. Sample 1
11. Never Come Down (Live 2011)
12. Voices (BBC Introducing Session)
13. Your Skies On Fire (Album Remix)
14. Jago (Live 2006)

The Shadow Project is a band from the East Coast of England who started as a four piece in 2004, became a five piece in 2005, became a six piece in 2007 and then split up in 2008. In that time we recorded 3 EP’s and one album (2007’s ‘A Beauty To Fight For’).
In October 2011 we play our first show in over three years. We are back in our original line-up and are very happy to be here.


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