3 April 2013

Rise of Day - Just in Time: Story About A Man Who Went To Death

Artist: Rise of Day
Album: Just in Time: Story About A Man Who Went To Death
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2013
From : Gyula/Békéscsaba, Hungary

01. I believe in... 03:07
02. Fly into the Sky 05:10
03. The Tree of Life 06:17
04. Broke my Soul 05:40
05. Touch of Darkness 10:56
06. Don't Turn Back, Just Go Ahead (feat. Darumarokko) 09:25
07. Rest in Peace 07:19
08. Good bye, Good luck, I'm Gone 04:12
09. This is not The End 07:08
10. Jam II. (with our Friends) 02:37

Rise of Day was officially formed in August 2008, as a solo project of guitarist Ákos Szilágyi from Gyula (Hungary). During the last years Ákos has been involved in several local projects, including Nakwada, Indicta or Kvantor Trekk. In these bands, besides the guitar, he has played other instruments (like bass, didjeridoo, berimbao, etc.) as well, thus developed into a multi-instrumentalist. Although currently his main focus is on Rise of Day, Ákos contributes to a couple of other secondary local projects as well. His style could be still described as post-rock, post-metal and alternative.

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