14 December 2011

Various Artist - Every Little Smile

Artist: Various Artist
Album: Every Little Smile
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011

01. Inspirative - Felicity is Out There
02. Ancients - Constellations
03. Desktop Error - Mind
04. Cyclamen - Hope
05. Slow Reverse - Apollo
06. Nyctalgia - Lost In Timeless Horizons
07. Forgot Your Case - Last Weekend Has Been a Nightmare
08. Anatomy of the Bear - Stars Above the Cave
09. Withyouathome - You Are Never Alone Here
10. MinionTV - When Skyways Are highways
11. Yellow - Waiting For the Daylight

Every Little Smile is as charity compilation album started by Hayato Imanishi, the guy behind Cyclamen and Withyouathome . It was started in the wake of the awful flooding that struck Thailand in July, with all profit going to Thailand’s Red Cross.


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