25 December 2011

Wolfredt - Wolfredt

Artist: Wolfredt
Album: Wolfredt
Genre: Post-rock, Electronic, Experimental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From: Tallinn, Estonia

01. In Dreams
02. Await
03. Woods
04. Mountains
05. Remorse
06. Hope
07. Picnic - Öko (Wolfredt remix)

Behind Wolfredt hides himself Margus Voolpriit, who has been known as the drummer in some eminent Estonian indie combos (Dreamphish; Pia Fraus) throughout 90`s and 00`s. Regarding Wolfredt he has traded drums and kits to guitars and electronic devices. He makes his vista up with the help of rising, atmospherical guitars, pulsating electronics, a few sonic effects, which ultimately provides enough aesthetical joy and relaxing ambience. Stylistically it mostly veers away indietronica, post-rock, and electronic shoegaze.

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