6 February 2012

What the Blood Revealed - EP2

Artist: What the Blood Revealed
Album: EP2
Genre: Post-metal, Post-rock
Label: Field Records
Year: 2011
From : Irvine

01. Politics, Here is Death 07:02
02. The Corporation As We Know it is Dead, Dead, Dead 08:18
03. A Million Explosions Live Inside Everyone 05:42

What the Blood Revealed is an instrumental rock band from Irvine on the West Coast of Scotland. We came together in 2004 and have created a sound influenced by such giants of the leftfield as Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai. We find our inspiration in science, and the truths it reveals.

We have released two well received EPs which have found their way to friends in 5 continents and have recently finished recording an album with Ross McGowan (United Fruit, Danananackroyd) which was mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago (Om, Grails, Young Widows). The album comes out in March 2012 on Field Records.

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