2 February 2012

Seamless - Clarity

Artist: Seamless
Album: Clarity
Genre: Metal, Progressive
Label: Sporadic Studios
Year: 2012
From : Arkansas, US

01. Gateway 01:58
02. Sense of Direction 04:32
03. LSK 05:17
04. Frame By Frame 05:43
05. Clarity 06:20
06. Patterns 03:17
07. Breathing Spell 02:26
08. Alternate Ending 02:57
09. A New Day 06:03
10. Architect 03:19
11. To Sink Or Swim 04:14
12. Weight of the World 03:27
13. The Pivotal Moment 03:08

Seamless is a seven piece progressive metal band with members hailing from across Arkansas, with former members of Ineffable Omen (Austin, Chaz, Adam) A Lion Amongst Us (Zach) and Judging the Silence (Micah).
Jeremy plays a Schecter Hellraiser C-8 Special eight string guitar, Chaz and Austin both play Schecter Hellraiser C-8 Limited eight string guitars, Zach plays an ESP LTD B-206 six string bass and Adam plays Tama drums. Seamless is apart of Sporadic Studios, Austin and Micah's recording studio in North Little Rock, Arkansas.


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