1 February 2012

The Water - Scandals and Animals

Artist: The Water
Album: Scandals and Animals
Genre: Post-rock, Cinematique
Label: Scenic Route Records
Year: 2012
From : Baltimore, MD

01. Future Nails 03:32
02. Groundhog Day 04:06
03. DeSelby 06:33
04. Parliament of Owls 02:54
05. Cornish Guilt 04:38
06. Homeless 05:08
07. Vikings 06:55
08. Halcyon 06:27
09. The Long Mover 02:38

The post-rock duo's lush and thunderous live show does more with two musicians onstage than most bands two or three times their size, with the help of a suitcase full of effects pedals and a dazzling DIY light show. With Dan Cohan switching between drums and guitar and James Klink juggling guitar and keyboards, the duo pile on layers of loops and beautiful overlapping tangles of melody and polyrhythms. Building each song up and tearing it back down with linear song structures and ingenious arrangements, The Water transcend predictable soft-loud-soft dynamics but almost always reach a euphoric crescendo, often accompanied by a flash of color from the strange obelisk of light that stands center stage.


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