4 February 2012

The Circle Project - Section1:Elektronik

Artist: The Circle Project
Album: Section1:Elektronik
Genre: Post-rock, Electronic
Label: Oxide Tones
Year: 2012
From : Germany

01. The Child (Apta Remix) – The Eternal Twilight
02. What Makes Us So Uncommon (The Eternal Twilight Remix) – The Echelon Effect
03. Like You Woke Up Too Late (The Echelon Effect Remix) – Apta

The Circle Project is the execution on a simple idea: Bands create their own versions of tracks by other bands, who in turn create their own versions of other bands tracks, and so on, until a circle is built. It may be the a simple remix or a complete new interpretation of a track, as long as the circle is maintained and the track is still recognisable as the original, no further boundaries are put in place.


The Circle Project - Section 1 - Elektronik by Oxide_Tones

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