1 February 2012

Behzad Mehrnoosh - Vildmarken

Artist: Behzad Mehrnoosh
Album: Vildmarken
Genre: Post-rock, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Huskvarna, Jönköping

01. 65-55-45 06:41
02. Sömnlös 04:18
03. Asfalten 05:13
04. Välkommen (till Vildmarken) 08:37
05. Sprickor 05:30
06. Väntan 03:33
07. Systemet 05:17
08. Synvilla 03:58
09. Vinterblek 05:46
10. Atlas 03:24
11. Stjärnstoff 05:45
12. Upprorsmakare 08:03

This project started beside other bands and constellations with one single thought in mind: to do everything by myself. It began with "Förslavad", where I had no I idea what I was up to. But it was such a liberating feeling - to write, record and release everything by myself, that I had to keep going. Which resulted in "Reverie", where I knew more what I wanted to do, I got closer to the sound I was looking for. But it wasn't until my latest self released album, "Vildmarken", where I had found my true calling. With both improvements in recording, but also the writing process I had managed to create something I was really proud of.

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