9 February 2012

Red Orchid - Blood Vessels & Marshmallows

Artist: Red Orchid
Album: Blood Vessels & Marshmallows
Genre: Progressive, Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2011
From : Vienna VA, US

01. Blood Vessels & Marshmallows, 04:56
02. Release, 06:50
03. Glass Woven Yarn, 02:44
04. Silent Train, 05:32
05. Astronomicon, 07:04
06. Bitter Hands, 04:11
07. White Mist, Black Widow, 06:37
08. Drown With Me, 04:29
09. Flabbergast Butterfly, 10:52
10. Let go; Jenni, 07:02

Red Orchid will without doubt do well not only with progressive rock fans, but also postrock and fans of music with a psychedelic tint. "Blood Vessels & Marshmallows" has both tracks with structure and composition as well as tracks with a heavy jam feel to them. Actually the album is constantly surprising. This alone should arouse the interest of the curious music lover.

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