9 February 2012

Kasan - Drown

Artist: Kasan
Album: Drown
Genre: Post-rock, Instrumental
Label: Maniyax Records, SM MUSIK, dunk!records
Year: 2012
From : Leipzig, Germany

01. Drown 01:48
02. The Battling Eels of Antibes 08:57
03. An Emerald Dream 10:39
04. Mindshelter 11:48
05. Hydroman vs That Sea 09:26
06. Float 02:47

New album ‘Drown’ coming in February 2012!
Kasan is an instrumental postrock/postmetal band from Leipzig, Germany. After releasing a self-titled demo in 2007, the ‘Soma’ EP in 2009, a 12″ split LP with Kokomo in 2010 and a 10″ split LP with Galvano in 2011 they are now releasing their first full length album named ‘Drown’ together with dunk!records.

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