1 February 2012

Last Builders Of Empire - Without Remorse

Artist: Last Builders Of Empire
Album: Without Remorse
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Boston

01. Our Gods Are Made On Earth 08:57
02. Without Remorse 08:12
03. The Withered Are Serene 06:19
04. The Sun Never Sets 07:07
05. Hibakusha 16:18

Last Builders Of Empire is a post rock instrumental band from the Boston area consisting of Dan Mandino on guitar and synth, Rich Reed on drums, bells and percussion, Pat Horrigan on bass, and Jesse Chamberlain on guitar. Dan is a musical instrumentalist formerly from the Venezuelan Post-Rock band "Tan Frio El Verano". Rich is also the drummer for local indie band "Polyethylene" which is currently taking an extended break. Pat has played guitar and bass in several projects. Jesse is a guitarist from "13th Chair" and "Caralina". Sometimes he plays the guitar, other times he just torments it with random tools.


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