14 February 2012

The Eye of Time - The Eye of Time

Artist: The Eye of Time
Album: The Eye of Time
Genre: Post-rock, Electronic, Ambient
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2012
From : French

01. Lily on the valley - Begin, wait, watch, play 04:28
02. Lily on the valley - Use your wings for what they are
03. Monsters usually wear uniforms
04. After Us - Intro
05. After us - I hate your fucking eyes 07:09
06. After us - Time is watching me 06:44
07. After us - My hate is a gun, see the smile on my face
08. After us - After us 08:57
09. After us - Don't cry little child, don't watch your future life, you won't survive it...don't look down!
10. After us - Birds and lands
11. After us - My hope took the road
12. After us - What am I less? What took the road? 05:33
13. After us - Away and Lost, I Cry the Error 06:55
14. After us - Outro
15. Jail - Let's party to the Death's birthday! 06:08
16. Jail - Time has come 07:55
17. Jail - Comfort, design and graves
18. Jail - Once they where happy and brought the nothingness 04:23
19. Jail - The distance between you and the Rest
20. Jail - 000007091981151723031994 06:32

The man behind EYE OF TIMEMarc Euvrie – grew up in and was part of the French diy punk and hardcore scene for years. After playing with several bands THE EYE OF TIME is his first solo project – just for the live gigs he invites different friends to perform with him. The song writing process itself wouldn’t work out together with other people –THE EYE OF TIME is Marc Euvrie’s personal reflection of the world - illustrated with his sounds and specific artworks Thomas from Denovali Records worked out together with him.

After six years of writing song fragments and two additional years of creating the artwork elements he now presents his self titled debut record consisting of the three parts AFTER US, JAIL and LILY ON THE VALLEY. All tracks on the record are telling you a specific story dealing with Marc’s life – every picture in the booklet gives you a little hint concerning his view to the world. The stories behind the tracks are dealing with problems of our today’s society just as with his personal fight against depression and hopelessness.


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