18 May 2012

Zvuku - Other Room Listening

Artist: Zvuku
Album: Other Room Listening
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Shoegaze
Label: Future Sequence
Year: 2012
From : UK

01. Logpile 06:35
02. Cold Yellow Red Blue 17:50
03. The Long Walk 03:51
04. Matches/Sticks 06:00
05. Cold Yellow Reprise 01:58
06. Lastone 05:14

An ambient electro-acoustic artist with a unique sensitivity in his approach, Karl McGrath uses violin, piano, guitar with effects and other recording processes to create dynamic works that span the genres of modern classical, ambient, and drone. Karl has had releases on Rural Colours and Heat Death Records so far, his album 'other room listening' is his first for Futuresequence.

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