31 May 2012

Help The Sleep Design Fund an EP and Get to Cornerstone!

For more info: Help The Sleep Design Fund an EP and Get to Cornerstone!

The Sleep Design was never meant to be a band. When the four of us got together the first time over 4 years ago at my parents house the only intention we had was to make music together. We would all meet up on a weekend night, set up a computer, press record, and just jam for hours. A year later with hours and hours of material, we realized we needed to share what we had been doing. With no money and not really any idea of how to make a record, we set out to record some of our favorite "jams".

The result was our first album, "All That is Not Music is Silence."

It didnt take us long to realize that we were onto something bigger than ourselves. The turn out to our release show was overwhelming. We started getting emails about people being inspired to start their own band after hearing the record, and of people using it as the background to their quiet times and personal times of worship. Our partnership with Come&Live! helped us to get our music in the hands of thousands totally free.

With your donation you help us do two things.

1. Fund this next EP. We want to give our music as a free gift through Come&Live! and let the Lord do with it what He wants, just like the last record.

2. Get us to Cornerstone festival. We've been invited to play, but need your help getting there.

Through your funding you cover recording costs, mixing, mastering, album design, gas, food, hotel rooms...EVERYTHING! We recognize how blessed we are to have the fans that we have. Help us put out a great sounding record and get to Cornerstone for their sake.

Thanks so much for your time and God Bless!

- The Sleep Design

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