10 May 2012

Helios - Moiety

Artist: Helios
Album: Moiety
Genre: Shoegaze, Ambient, Electronic, Experimental
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Portland, OR

01. Nothing It Can
02. Your Zenith
03. In Everything Was Given
04. Nature People
05. Bold Advances
06. Equal Ourselves
07. Ours Everyday
08. Ideas or Hopes

I think it’s evident now that Keith Kenniff, the man behind Helios, is rather good at making beautiful music. Since his debut in 2004 he has consistently sculpted the kind of distilled, crystalline ambience that quietly refuses to be attached to any particular emotion. Indeed, this purity has been the defining factor in separating him from any like-minded contemporaries. There are no fractured shifts of confusion here; nor pitiful wails; and apart from a predominant strain of optimism there are rarely any outstandingly happy moments either. It’s unburdened serenity, and in the past eight years he has not faltered from this peaceful, detached vision. One could easily argue that it’s this weight of humanity that matters, sure, but so far it seems that Helios has managed fine, regardless. Whichever way you look at it, Moiety offers more of what we have come to expect. more...

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