28 May 2012

Fuo - Resource

Artist: Fuo
Album: Resource
Genre: Post-rock, Math-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Hamburg, Germany

01. Aberrämmchen 05:41
02. Birth, School, Work, Work, Work 09:32
03. Romanesquo 07:59
04. Tsuji Town (Won't You Take Me To) 06:18

As an art ensemble, Fuo alternates unreliably between being a sextet with full string section and surprisingly appearing as a minimalist noise duo. Right now comprised of drummer Martin Schwendemann, bassist Leif Rumbke and a growing pile of cable salad and devices like floor organ, bells, synthesizer and further electronics, Fuo is exploring musical formats under the 'sometimes, less is less'-ideology, at least concerning personnel. Both members bring their honed-in musical skills of numerous past bands glory to Fuo. Full-length albums Shmuzzle and Anachron were released in 2007 and 2009 respectively. While Fuo is carrying on with creating fresh duo material, the third long player in big band shape is currently in the mix by Daniel Gädicke of Xrfarflight fame and should follow in late 2011.

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