7 May 2012

Képzelt Város - Hélium

Artist: Képzelt Város
Album: Hélium
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Budapest, Hungary

01. Rollei 06:25
02. Hélium 05:13
03. El péndulo 07:40
04. Tejbe fúlva 04:27
05. Hold a lámpám 04:52
06. Hús 06:05
07. Útmutató újszülötteknek 06:30
08. Végtelen féltér 10:45

The band was formed by four architect students in 2005. There were several changes in the lineup such as an expansion to six members. Their music differs from the usual by the dominant role of the keyboard and the cello. This and the vocals in Hungarian highlight them in the post-rock scene. Floating themes and dashing bursts are both peculiar.

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