20 May 2012

Lights Out Asia - Hy-Brasil

Artist: Lights Out Asia
Album: Hy-Brasil
Genre: Electronic, Post-rock, Shoegaze
Label: n5MD
Year: 2012
From : Milwaukee, Wisconsin

01. The Eye Of All Storms
02. She Played With Time
03. Only What You Take With You
04. An Imperfect System
05. Running Naked Through Underground Cities
06. Birds Sing Sun-Rising Hymns
07. O’ Ancient World, Arise!
08. Ghost Identifier
09. Mont Da Anaon
10. Angels Without Hands
11. They Disappear Into The Palms
12. Abell 1835

Born in 2003 from a desire to find unexplored regions between post-rock and laptop electronica, Lights Out Asia has refined a sound that is best described as the soundtrack to an imaginary club scene from Blade Runner. From a foundation of plush melancholy, the sample-rich melding of dissonant guitar swells, plaintive vocals and intricate electronics leads to songs thoroughly infected by influences ranging from dream pop artist Ulrich Schnauss to ambient pioneer Brian Eno, classic shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and a even dash of IDM stalwart Arovane.

This brings us to the here and now with their 5th album Hy-brasil. For Hy-Brasil the band is back to the core duo of Mike Ystad and Chris Schafer. The absence of Mike Rush's guitars have left enough open space for the duo to explore more visceral sometimes 'Vangelian' synthwork, warm emotive cello passages and more dexterous electronic beat workouts. From the opening track onward each composition on Hy-Brasil twists and turns through organic and synthetic seamlessly while yielding what could very well be their most dynamic, expansive and universally accessible album to date.

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