16 May 2012

The Green Kingdom - Butterstorm

Artist: The Green Kingdom
Album: Butterstorm
Genre: Ambient, Post-rock
Label: Nomadic Kids Republic
Year: 2012
From : Detroit

01 Emerald Perspective
02 Sept.
03 Woolgathering
04 Butterstorm
05 Rusticlub
06 The Caves of Summerisle
07 Crmbld 08 Gray Waves 09 Sleep/Snow

The Green Kingdom is Michael Cottone (b.1976), a graphic designer and sound artist based in Detroit. Primarily self-taught, he started off playing guitar and progressed to a variety of instruments, eventually incorporating digital sound design and production methods. Interested in creating compositions which blur the lines between soundscape and structure while keeping a sharp focus on melody, his skill is in using a variety of digitally manipulated acoustic and electronic sources, sampled textures, noise and field recordings. Imbued with a sense of “optimistic nostalgia”, his soundworlds encourage introspective explorations and provide an escape from our sometimes hectic lives.

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