9 May 2012

Adolf Plays The Jazz - Form Follows Function

Artist: Adolf Plays The Jazz
Album: Form Follows Function
Genre: Post-rock, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Athens, Greece

01. Impact 01:22
02. Form follows function 06:41
03. Oddy 11:43
04. Lesser Will 06:41
05. Wreck 07:02
06. Lodger 04:51
07. Dust 02:57
08. Water memory 04:46
09. Where Is Our Home ? 23:02

Adolf Plays The Jazz have nothing to do whatsoever with politics and fascism especially. In essence, the band is formed in 2002, even though the first song created under the name adolf plays the jazz was created in 1998. The terms post-rock and shoegaze might be the most appropriate to describe their music, but adolf plays the jazz are influenced by everything they listen to, read or see.

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