4 May 2012

ALASKAN // Co​-​Pilot Split 12"

Artist: ALASKAN / Co​-​Pilot
Album: ALASKAN // Co​-​Pilot Split 12"
Genre: Instrumental, Post-rock
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Houston

01. Co-Pilot - The Bering Sea 08:51
02. Euthanize 09:37

One release, two bands, two songs, twenty minute running time. Yeah, it’s true I generally abhor songs over four minutes, but this is the one case where I’ll make an exception, because the songs still went by way too quickly. This release got more than it’s ample share of my “Repeat” button, so hopefully this won’t be the last time The Treaty Oak Collective decide to link up these two bands.

Free download (Co-Pilot Track) | Free download (Alaskan Track)

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