30 May 2012

Good Weather For An Airstrike - This Is As Good A Place As Any

Artist: Good Weather For An Airstrike
Album: This Is As Good A Place As Any
Genre: Post-rock, Ambient, Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2012
From : Winchester, UK.

01. Goodnight, Boogaloo 03:08
02. Lah 12:46
03. Blurred Lights 01:16

In a personal tributary EP to his new wife Lauren, Hampshire, UK based artist Tom Honey (Good Weather For An Airstrike) has put together this short but warm set of sounds to preserve what is to be a landmark year for the couple. Field recordings throughout were taken during a warm weekend's walking around Winchester and the individually assigned images for each track were taken by Lauren. Whilst Tom has laid out a special sentimental attachment to this EP, it is for us whatever we wish it to be. Perhaps some listeners will relate to this sentiment themselves whilst others may wish to draw light from its warmth as the summer months lie ahead.

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