16 May 2012

epic45 - Weathered

Artist: epic45
Album: Weathered
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze
Label: Wayside and Woodland Recordings
Year: 2012
From : Staffordshire, England

01. Leaving Traces 04:10
02. The Village Is Asleep (reworked by The Remote Viewer) 07:35
03. People Say This Place Is Slowly Dying (reworked by Charles Vaughan) 04:12
04. Leaving Traces (reworked by Fieldhead) 03:46
05. Ghosts I Have Known (reworked by The Toy Library) 06:53
06. Washed Up (reworked by The Gentlemen Losers) 04:22
07. Summer Message (reworked by E.L. Heath) 05:20
08. Evening Silhouettes (reworked by Jasper TX) 09:05

Epic45 is, was and always will be a home recording project/collective based round the ideas and inspiration of childhood friends Ben Holton and Rob Glover. As a ‘group’ epic45 has seen a few different lineups, as people come and go. Occasional forays into studios do occur from time to time, the first EP ‘Shorebound’ was mainly recorded in 1998 in a small, untidy studio in the attic of an old house in Rugeley! Since then 99% of recording has taken place in various homes as its found to be an overall more satisfying process.

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