19 June 2012

No Respect for Beauty - Why Perish

Artist: No Respect for Beauty
Album: Why Perish
Genre: Post-rock
Label: Pastel Music
Year: 2012
From : Seoul, South Korea

01. Declaration Of Existence
02. The Walls Between Us
03. Owls On The Ground
04. Summit Collision
05. Uncanny
06. Day Of Departure
07. I Am A Shadow

Last year post-rock band No Respect For Beauty put out a demo that soon became popular among post-rock fans. The trio were selected Hello Rookie for September 2011 and are now signed with Pastel Music. On February 29th No Respect For Beauty will release their first album, Why Perish. With the exception of album opening track “Declaration of Existence” the band can be found on YouTube performing all songs from the album. more...

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